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With family, and our trusted crew and tradespeople, Gerald Mitchell Contracting has been building quality homes in Halifax for over 40 years. Whether it's your first home, a family home where you will raise your children, or a relaxing retirement oasis, we are focused on quality from beginning to end. For us, there's been no place like home for over 40 years.


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The guys did an absolute amazing job on the new spot...we’re beyond pleased!
We are living the dream we never thought would come true, and it’s all because of Gerald Mitchell and his amazing team!!! We started out, nearly 2 years ago now, looking to buy our very first home, and like so many, we quickly became discouraged.

But to us, building a house wasn’t an option worth considering...not with our budget. Or so we thought anyway. Then along came Gerald and his team.

Gerald helped turn our vision into reality. They built us our dream home on time and more importantly, on budget!! I can honestly say it was the best decision we have ever made.

We have been living in this new place we call home for 96 days and counting and we couldn’t be happier! Every day we sit in awe and are so grateful we made that call! With our tight budget and big dreams Gerald and his team were still able to knock this one out of the park.
For us this dream started approximately 17 years ago. We had a newspaper clipping of a house that we liked and at some point in our lives we wanted to build this house. Every so often we would come across the newspaper house which was tucked away in our clippings of recipes, and my wife and I would sit down and look at it and dream. We had moved within Canada several times during the 16 years of finding the newspaper house in a newspaper and then approximately 5 yrs ago I found the dream lot in Fall River.

Without the local knowledge and expertise of Gerald Mitchell and Frank Dorrington I do not think that we would be standing in our front yard and looking at our newspaper house saying what we are thinking.



We work with tried and true materials. We commit to never compromising quality for time and do our best to give our clients realistic schedules that accommodate their lives. 


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