New Home Construction

Select one of our favourite home plans or design something new with our in-house drafter. We can start from scratch or adapt a plan you have in mind to meet your needs. Everything can be customized to be exactly what you have in mind.



We have lots available in a number of popular areas in HRM. We can also help you find the right piece of land of your home or build on a lot that you own. Anything is possible.



Adding a garage to your property can add what your missing in your current home - much-needed storage, sheltered parking, a workshop - without disrupting your day to day.  It's a simple, fast project that can really add value to your property.



Updating your outdoor space can add actual living space to your home. The right deck can turn your property into an oasis. No deck project is too big or too small to make it just right. 



Deciding to renovate key spaces in your home does more than just provide a cosmetic and functional update for your family — renovating can also be a powerful financial investment. 

We help our clients buy and sell resale homes in addition to building new homes and renovating and we know that the value you add to your home now will lead to returns on your investment down the road. It’s important to keep up to date on your home, in the event you might want to put it on the market one day. 

We can help you decide what you want to do, and how to get the best bang for your buck. You'll be amazed at how easily you can update your home to meet your needs today, and tomorrow.


Repairs and preparing your current home for sale

For many of our clients, building a new home often means selling your old home which may need a few weeks to be ready for the market. We can help get your home in tip top shape allowing for a smooth transition from old, to new.

Real Estate Services

Jerry Mitchell, Gerald's son, was raised in the residential home business. Now, as a REALTOR® with Viewpoint Realty, Jerry can help you buy or sell your home with years of understanding what buyers are looking for in a home under his belt.