Location, location, location = HOME

When considering building a home, our clients always ask, "Where do we start?" And the question kind of has two answers. Sometimes we start with a specific home plan that you have in mind and we recommend lots and neighbourhoods that would work for that style of home. More often, our clients want to live in a specific area - perhaps you want to be close to transit with municipal services, or you want space with privacy, or, for many of our family clients, you want to be in a specific school zone. The style of your home is less important than what the area has to offer for your family. It's part of the difference between a house and a HOME.

This is on my mind a lot right now as our son and daughter will start school next week for the very first time. As mind-blowing as it is that the time has come so quickly, and as emotional as I'm sure I'll be when this happens next week, we are so very happy with the school our children will attend, and neighbourhood and community we've chosen here in Fall River. We've played soccer at the elementary school and played on the playground. We've met a number of the teachers our children will have over the next few years at the park and in the grocery store. Many of them live here too, and their children attend these schools. 

So much of our appreciation of HOME is dependent on the people and nature of our community and we are so lucky here in Fall River to have young families like ours to have as friends. And, like us, many of their parents and grandparents live in the community as well creating these incredible teams of people we are familiar with who are looking out for one another and care about how our community grows. 

Being in this business and likely not being able to resist the temptation to want to build a new house, perhaps more frequently than those not in the business, I expect that we will want to do it again in the next couple of years. But now that this school thing is happening, we won't be going far. We'll likely drive past our old house on the way to our new house. That's how committed we are to our Fall River community and our family and business here. 

All of this to say, we understand the factors you may be weighing in deciding to build a home, we do the same. No matter the area you are considering, we can help you take your house building project from making decisions about layouts and paint colours, to becoming a part of a community and creating your HOME.