Let your porch do the talking | The Chronicle Herald

This article has some great tips for inexpensive ways to add comfort and style to your porch or deck.

Getting the magazine look for your outdoor space can be very costly, especially when here in Atlantic Canada, we can really only use these spaces to their full potential for a couple of months of the year. And given the frost we've had lately (in JUNE!), counting on new plants to grow, and hanging baskets and potted plants to stay healthy might be a long shot. Using the tried and true perennials or wild flowers that you may have in your yard (or unoccupied areas of your neighbourhood ;) might be the easiest way to add some colour and natural elements to your space, especially for short periods of time when you are entertaining or enjoying a stay-cation. 

And, if you're like me, inevitably your son will drive one of his toy trucks right through a recently planted pot of sweet peas (this happened yesterday). So, keep the big picture in mind, the space is meant to be enjoyed, not admired. Above all else, comfort and function will make you actually use the space. Perhaps you have some comfortable indoor furniture or decor that may survive a couple of weeks in the outdoors. Whatever it takes to get everyone outside (you know, once the bugs are gone and you've lathered on the sunscreen)!

Jessesar Mitchell