Welcome to Gerald Mitchell Contracting

I'm Jess Mitchell, and I am often one of the first people you meet when you visit or contact our Gerald Mitchell Contracting office. I help our clients with some of the selections and details of their new home, their contracts, and of course, the all important closing. I like to voice my opinion every once in a while, and sometimes act as the mediator in a family's decision making process - colour selections, floor layouts, and finishes - that kind of thing. 

Having gone through the process of building a home myself, I can sometimes offer some sage advice - should we do the backsplash now, or later? In general, doing it later results in selling the house before it ever gets done (my experience), or turning it into a failed DIY project which ultimately means hiring someone to fix the job at a higher expense (my sister's experience). This same logic can be applied to just about every decision you might be on the fence about during the construction process. I just saved you a number of discussions (read disagreements) right there. 

From time to time I'll share family anecdotes, funny project stories and new home and renovation ideas. I love being part of this family business and hope to show you how much we care about your new home. For over 40 years, there's been no place like home for Gerald Mitchell Contracting.